Plantation Design & Genetic Resource Management

The Challenge

The majority of native cacao in productoin is grown on old farms with little management. As any tree crop, cacao requires care. It’s impossible to compare the economic feasibilty of native cacao to that of cultivated cacao without first making it scalable and productive. 

The Solution

Researchers on the FFC project are investigating the best methods of care for native cacao from both genetic and design levels. A huge collection of native cacao have been sampled from across Peru, while research sites in Piura and Cusco are being cultivated, grafted, and designed to generate:


30 or more high value native cacao genotypes to store in a living gene bank

Optimum methods for grafting native cacao onto existing, healthy cultivated cacao farms

Optimum design for diversified native cacao farms

Optimum shade management for native cacao farms