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Diversifying native fine or flavor cacao production in Peru for enhanced productivity and income









The project “Diversifying native fine flavor cacao production in Peru for enhanced productivity and income” has the goal to support Peru in positioning itself as global leader in Native Fine Flavor Cacao (FFC), positioning through science-based guidance and capacity development for significant and suitable improvement in productivity of native FFC plantations, quality and added value, with livehood benefits for cacao growers and enhanced natural capacity.


Co-develop and implementation with smallholder farms, cooperatives, and other stakeholders within and outside of the value chain a technical and institutional framework for realizing the full productive and marketing potential of native FFC in Peru through strategic of native cacao genetic diversity and optimized management shade and associanted biodiversity.


Experimental field-based framework through enhanced arrangements of shade and cacao genetic diversity with Chuncho from Cusco and Cacao blanco from Piura.  

Guidelines for management and conservation of functional biodiversity (fauna and flora) in diversified cacao production systems.

10 or 20 high- value genotypes for increasing productivity under climate change identified, made available to farmers through live collections.

Upgrading strategies for associantions and cooperatives producing native FCC.                                   

Scaling strategy for rollout of diversified cacao production systems based on high-value native genotypes. 

Our objectives

Increasing productivity of chuncho cacao from Cusco and cacao blanco from Piura

Participatory field experiments for ongoing monitoring of plantation designs

Functional biodiversity for increasing productivity

Smallholders trained and able to continue field experiments

Identification of rootstock genotypes for adaptation to climate change

Increasing cost effectiveness with multifactorial experiments with native fine or flavor Peruvian cacao

Integration of gender issues into production and value chain of cacao

Identification of critical success factors in cacao value chain

Development strategies for increasing cacao commercialization

Development specific scenarios in cacao commercialization

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